About me

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My name is Fabrizio, I was born on 26th December 1991 and I opened this blog to share some posts on different topics, all of my personal and professional interest.

My professional career has been atipic. Some people already knows during high school which work they will: lawer, doctor, scientist, etc.
This is not my case: after high school I start preparing my selft for the admission test to Pysiotherapy faculty but, as I was studying, I realized that what I really like was Physics.

So, I began a very fascinating university career, at the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, which lead me to refine my math skills and to improve my abstraction and rationalization attitudes. During my first year I also requested a VAT number and I started working as informatic freelance.

If I should choose the most beautiful and important university course, I would probably choose two! Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics.
However, my university career has take me far from Theoretical Physics while bringing me closer to Biophysics. And in this field I could merge my study with computer programming.
During my master thesis and, later, for a whole year, I worked on several project where I could apply my informatic knowledge to the Biophysics field. I partecipated to the creation of a microscope that, by taking advantages of an adaptive optics component, allowed the study of blood flows and to obtain images of deep tissues.
But the most important result to me was the creation of a software for the identification of tumor cells.


Once I completed my master thesis I started a PhD experience abroad, at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. Even if the idea of the PhD project was really fascinating (exploiting Machine Learning algorithms to reduce the time of acquisition of images obtained through super resolution microscopes), after some times I decided to leave.

Back in Italy I come back working to the laboratory where I did my master thesis and I collborate with Politecnico di Milano to realize a software for an adaptive optics based microscope.

Later, I decided to definetively leave the academic career and I started working as consultant for a company active in the field of 3D printing, where I developed math and Machine Learning based algorithms specific for CAD-CAM and milling software.

I finished this experience when I took the decision to change again field and I moved to FCA, a leader in the automotive industry field, where I started working to one of the most important autonomous drive project.

Currently, I’m still working in FCA.